SmartFilter detects and remediates content injection attacks in real-time before they can get to your audience.

Unlike web application firewalls and scanners, our technology does not rely on past attacks - no zero-day exploits.

We live within the application and understand how attacks execute and how they can impact users.

Fast & Flexible
Enable links, markup, embeds, and more in your posts and comments. We only block bad content when it matters.

Be Aware
Get notified instantly when SmartFilter detects and removes suspicious content.

Easy Installation
Get your plugin/library and API key, configure your configurations and let SmartFilter protect your audience.

Cost Effective
Only pay when you call us. The first 300 SmartCalls per month are on us - after that, buy only what you need.

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We allow text formatting, rich media embeds, images, and links.

All clean and safe!

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